Grupsa updates BIM models of hermetic doors in Hospital System range

Grupsa has renewed BIM models of Sliding and Swing Doors from Hospital System range. The new series of types made include our opening systems for automatic opening without contact, avoiding the spread of pathogens and diseases; the different possible standard dimensions as well as the different profiles as materials. Thanks to this, the architects can find a customized solution to each hospital project, be it in the surgical area, the pharmacy, the intensive care unit (ICU) area or the clean rooms of a hospital.

With BIM technology, the planning and design of new hospitals or the reforms of existing ones, is carried out in a cooperative way between the different points of the chain. Its BIM development and implementation team works collaboratively with architecture studios and hospital construction managers to provide optimal solutions for each hospital infrastructure, reducing costs, lead times and future maintenance problems.

The entire series of hermetic sliding doors HS-201, HS-201/45, HS-401 and the self-supporting model CS-10 have been improved with the new dimensions and safety systems, thus automatic contactless opening. Likewise, new improvements have been incorporated into our line of swing and pivoting doors (HS-202 and 402), as well as its line of equipment for the surgical area: HS-600 patient transfer, the HS-Q1 Guillotine window, the HS-Q3 observation windows and the Materials Passbox, HS-Q4.

Grupsa is thus committed to innovation at all stages of the development process, generating better projects tailored to the parameters and requirements of its clients. The new BIM models are now available for download by architects and authorized clients on their GS-Online Download Platform.