GRupsa en Centro de Salud Montoro

Grupsa has completed the installation of more than 145 doors at the Montoro Health Center, Córdoba.
From the main accesses with the AS-300 EKO model, the X-ray rooms with the HS-402 model with radiological protection, to the accesses to consultations with the Kompak range, most of the center already has Grupsa technology.
AS-300 EKO doors have light profiles with a high degree of tightness. The personalized finish of the profiles required by the project has managed to integrate the automatic door into the aesthetics of the main entrance and the building.

The HS-402B doors for radiology rooms can have lead protection with thicknesses of 1 to 3 mm, depending on the characteristics of the radiological equipment.

With this installation, Grupsa reinforces its position as a reference provider of access control and management in healthcare buildings.