Puertas oscilobatientes balance system

Balance System

Automatic Balanced Doors

The Balanced Doors from the Balance System range are an option for heavy traffic, interior areas or exterior accesses with wind currents. Our AGB operator for tilt-and-turn doors holds the door under tension to ensure easy, elegant opening and secure closing for users.

In compliance with the strictest European safety regulations (EN 16005), the BS-900 model of tilt-and-turn doors adapts to narrow entrances or corridors that require the maximum width of passage. It is made of aluminum, with multiple finishes to be able to be customized to the aesthetics of the building. In addition, the balanced doors are prepared for power outages, as they optionally include a backup battery that guarantees operation even if they may momentarily lack power.

  • Perfect for narrow corridors or entrances that need a wide passage width.
  • Safety, reliability and low maintenance cost.
  • Reinforced protection thanks to safety sensors and anti-pinch protection between door leaves.

Technical specifications

  • Standard Clear Widths from 700 to almost 2,800 mm
  • Robust and resistant profiles
  • Aluminum finishes – lacquered or anodized.
  • Wide range of safety and activation devices.
  • Design and special dimensions on request.



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