Quality and Environment Policy

Certificación ISO

GRUPO METAL SYSTEM, S.A., GRUPSA GLOBAL, S.L, SERVIGROUP KIRA, S.L. and GRUPSA TECH DOORS, S.L. (GRUPSA) bases its organization model on knowing how to respond, at all times, to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, the continuous improvement of the management system and the commitment to preserve the environment for the activity of:

Design, production and installation of manual, automatic, revolving door systems and modular systems. Marketing of manual, automatic and revolving door systems. Maintenance and repair of manual and automatic door systems.

The GRUPSA Policy is constituted as a basic pillar to establish and annually review the quality and environmental objectives. In order to achieve the objectives set, the Management adopts the commitment to dedicate all its economic, technological and human potential to this task.

Our principles of action are:

  • Achieve the satisfaction of interested parties, knowing and analyzing their needs, in order to offer them the best possible treatment and increase their confidence in our services and solutions.
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention.
  • Creation and maintenance of a culture of quality and respect for the environment that is assumed by all employees and that constitutes the basis of our activity.
  • Promote communication with suppliers by favoring relationships with them, encouraging their involvement in projects and facilitating the provision of the service according to the conditions of the contract.
  • Direct our efforts to continuous improvement and performance of quality and environmental management, in such a way that GRUPSA's capacity for reaction and adaptability exceeds market expectations.
  • Comply with all legal requirements and other applicable requirements both in relation to the provision of the service and the environment.

This policy appropriate to our organization is communicated, disseminated and understood among staff, suppliers, subcontractors, our clients and people who work on behalf of the organization, as well as other interested parties.