Isolated & Intensive Care Units (ICU)

Hospital System

The Boxes for Isolated & Intensive Care Units (ICU) Hospital System preserve the privacy and sound isolation of the patient. They allow medical moniroting by hospital staff of the Intensive Care Units, as well as segmented areas can be created for isolated patients or in the burn unit that require positive or negative pressure to avoid the crossing of pathogens.

  • Optionally, ICU boxes allow the folding of the leaves to make bigger the space of passage for hospital beds
  • Available with Venetian blinds for greater privacy, as well as automatic opening
  • Elegant Design and Easy Cleaning
  • Available Formats for Architects: PDF, BIM and CAD

Technical specifications

  • Perfect for Isolated and Intensive Care Units, Resuscitation, Preanesthesia …
  • Central or lateral sliding or telescopic opening
  • Composition adaptable to the project
  • Standard free passage width from 1000 to 1800 mm
  • Silver anodized lacquered aluminum and Stainless Steel finishes
  • Optional AG-90/90 operator for automatic opening
  • Integrable venetian blind with orientation regulator
  • Design and special dimensions on request
  • Composed of two folding sheets and one fixed or four folding sheets


Module for Box
Intensive Care (ICU)

Module for UCI Box
with Venetian Blinds

Module for ICU Box with
folding door for beds passage



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Intensive Care Units (ICU)


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