Puertas técnicas HPL

Grupsa launches its new line of Technical Doors Kompak System

GRUPSA Door Systems, as a manufacturer of equipment for a complete range of hospital products, incorporates to its portfolio a new line of technical doors in HPL, which under the name of Kompak System with antibacterial finish (according to JIS Z 2801 standard) that adapt to the needs of hospitals and clinics, such as consultation rooms, rooms, recovery rooms, laboratories or hospital radiology areas; but also to uses beyond health, such as morgues, schools or institutional buildings.

The new range of hpl technical doors are designed and manufactured in Spain according to European regulations, consisting of two HPL sheets with a highly durable and resistant injected polyurethane core, aluminum frame and a smooth surface without moldings. They are highly resistant to humidity and impact according to the standard (CTE-DB-SB AE Class 4 & UNE-EN 41955 / 41955-2 Class 4), allowing a low maintenance cost and a long product life.

This new line is possible after the acquisition of Enebro by the group of companies that make up Grupsa. In this way, it seeks to complete the line of hospital products offered to meet the demanding current and future needs of our customers, being a supplier to the most important hospitals in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.