mantenimiento de una puerta automática

Grupsa is committed to the preventive maintenance of automatic doors to guarantee safety

  • The maintenance of automatic doors improves the customer experience, responding to their safety and comfort.
  • A maintenance contract ensures a longer life cycle of the automatic door with the guarantee of original Grupsa components.

Automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors are the first element we come across when entering a building, so our experience of comfort and security becomes a factor of interest for managers and administrators of public buildings.

Grupsa’s designs in automatic access doors in compliance with European safety standards, incorporate safety elements for the user with monitored systems in emergency exits, which anticipate any type of failure and guarantee a reliable and safe escape route for persons.

The incorporation of advanced technology sensors requires the integration of a periodic control of the automatic systems and their components, through preventive maintenance services, by means of qualified technical personnel, based on their application and conditions of use, the type of users and the intensity of access traffic.

Most of the owners of facilities that have automatic entrances, betting on a nearby and quality maintenance service. The coverage of a maintenance contract is a guarantee of good operation and prevention of accidents, reducing long-term investment costs.

The technical maintenance teams for Grupsa brand products are highly qualified experts in preventive and corrective service, to provide an immediate and personalized response to any contingency that the doors may have.
In the Grupsa facilities there is a training room where distributors carry out product and service training and certification courses.

In addition, its technical assistance teams have the quality seal of the Association of Installers and Maintenance Companies of Automatic Doors (APA) which recognizes and endorses that Grupsa is a brand of guarantee and safety in the care and maintenance of automatic accesses.