Grupsa advances in its "Strategy 20.24" for its digital transformation

New technologies, digital devices and new channels of communication and interaction with the user are increasingly present in society as a whole.

In constant evolution and with a special focus on the transformation processes caused by COVID-19, Grupsa continues its progress in a strong commitment to the digitization of production processes and relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors around the world. Within the “Strategy 20.24” program started in 2020, with an initial budget of one million euros, Grupsa is in full development of digital transformation for its production processes, international marketing, new channels for quality control, as well as another item for the reduction of waste and raw materials, within its environmental sustainability plan.

Despite the context of uncertainty that the pandemic has caused, this investment is a decisive bet for the improvement of internal processes, the experience of its customers, an increase in productivity and a greater awareness of the environment. The implementation of BIM technology for the integral management of architecture and engineering projects will allow to consolidate the advance towards paperless offices, reducing their use by up to 80% by digitizing all technical and commercial documents, and will offer internal communication and towards our clients more dynamic and efficient.

Through its GS-Online platform, architects and regular collaborators can obtain the standard documentation available or request advice or development of technical documentation adapted to their project, as well as the establishment of direct communication channels with Grupsa’s commercial and technical departments. .

By breaking down geographical and temporal barriers, Grupsa’s objective is to be able to respond in an energetic and responsible manner to a highly competitive environment, enhancing its activity in the markets where the company is present, in response to the new demands of its clients. Through a real-time analysis, the company reinforces its desire to evolve with technology towards new social changes for users of automatic doors and access systems.