Why install Circular System curved sliding doors by Grupsa?

  • Curved sliding doors are the elegant and easily accessible solution for people at the main entrances to prestigious buildings and corporate headquarters.

Curved Sliding Doors are an elegant and distinguished solution that provides a dynamic constructive volume to entrances to public buildings, allowing architects and designers a wide range of configurations in designs and finishes. With the possibility of different radii of curvature for installation on facades, they allow the formation of concave and convex figures that are uniformly integrated into the design and space of the projected access front.

A curved sliding door allows a wider opening in a smaller space than a straight sliding door and, at the same time, forms a double door system that reduces the loss of hot or cold energy, mainly in circular accesses designed in an elliptical shape. that extend the distance between accesses up to 3 meters. The Circular System with double sliding door allows the installation of a hidden air conditioning machine in the upper drum, with a reduced height of 200 mm.

The Circular System has all the security elements of Grupsa’s automatic doors in terms of European regulations and security EN 16005. The AG-90 curved Operator tested for more than 10 million cycles, guarantees a reliable and safe opening or closing with all the necessary elements for its emergency opening in case of failure and connection to the building’s firefighting system.

The Grupsa Curved Sliding Door Circular System are configurable in models with lateral opening and double central opening, with a 200 mm upper drum or with a curved operator on a beam, without a roof. They are also presented in a wide range of materials and finishes with different types of curved glazing. Due to the uniqueness and energy efficiency of its design, Circular System is an ideal solution with a high aesthetic value in buildings for public and sustainable use.