Materials Passbox HS-Q4 by Grupsa

Preventing intraoperative infection

he Materials Passbox HS-Q4 by Grupsa helps to maintain the asepsis of the surgical area, as it increases the control of the circulation of contaminating particles in clean rooms, operating theatres and other controlled environments by allowing the safe passage of material from the clean to the dirty area. This equipment facilitates the flow of materials without compromising the classification of each zone.  These transfers are the effective solution for the transfer of materials without the need for movement of people, thus avoiding cross contamination. They are built in Stainless Steel quality AISI 304 surface finished according to ASTM A-480 No. 4 matt and transparent tempered glass of 6 mm thick with a design that facilitates hygiene and cleaning. They are also equipped with a doors interlocking system to prevent simultaneous opening and ultraviolet light inside to disinfect the material.