The Vitoria Txagorritxu Hospital in Spain incorporates access for Intensive Care by Grupsa

The new expansion of the Araba Txagorritxu Hospital will be ready in the coming months. The new provision, valued at 50 million euros, has 25,000 square meters distributed over six floors, which includes a new sterilization unit, emergencies, the new Intensive Care Unit, as well as several operating rooms and the unit of gynecology and neonatal. Within the new Intensive Care area, there are 31 individual boxes, 6 of them isolation, distributed in three modules, as well as a Semicritic Care Unit, with 20 beds in a single room.

This hospital center, operated by state-of-the-art medical equipment, has incorporated the new ICU access solution manufactured by Grupsa to prevent the spread of pathogens and improve patient isolation. All hygienic doors have been designed according to the highest quality standards in critical environments to maintain hygiene and cleanliness conditions that ensure optimal environmental control between patients and healthcare personnel.

The new building of the Hospital de Araba Txagorritxu incorporates manual sliding glass doors that guarantee the privacy of the patient at the same time that the health workers in charge of the unit can monitor the situation of the patient and their evolution in a comfortable and quiet environment. In this sense, thanks to our double glazing, our systems prepared for Intensive Care achieve an acoustic insulation of 38 dB.