On April 26 and 27, Grupsa participated in the First Technical Conference for the Dissemination and Knowledge of New Trends and Applied Technologies in Sanitary Infrastructure in Honduras.
The Ministry of Health (SESAL) coordinated the meeting with the Spanish Hospital Consulting Group Association, in which the following main topics were discussed: the development phases of a hospital design, the types of hospital doors and their specifications, and hospital pharmacy management.
The director of Human Resources Development of the SESAL, Isnaya Nuila, opened the conference focusing on the training of management, management and maintenance teams of the hospital infrastructure. The SESAL authorities reported that they consider the training process related to the hospital and health infrastructure as a whole to be a fundamental factor.
Grupsa’s Technical Director, Antonio Cabezas, explained how modular operating theaters can reduce, among other variables, nosocomial infections and hospital days with the consequent cost savings. Antonio Cabezas also stressed the importance of integrating automatic access into the Protocols for the Management of the Flow of Patients, Materials and Hospital Personnel.