During the days 3, 4 and 5 of July, Grupsa has participated in the Congress of Hospital Architecture sponsored by the organization APAES (Peruvian Association of Architects and Health Specialists) in the city of Lima (Peru). In it, leading companies in the field of hospital construction have presented our most advanced technological solutions to provide hospitals with the best infrastructure for patient care.

This congress was attended by the most experienced architects, engineers and builders specialized in hospital architecture, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Health of Peru. The representation of Grupsa in Peru has had the opportunity to present our latest range of products launched to the market, Clean System, focused on an avant-garde construction system of the surgical block and surrounding areas in a modular, scalable and customizable to each project. The execution times are reduced (which is highly recommended for renovations or renovations of existing surgical blocks), it allows a comfortable maintenance thanks to the access to the hidden facilities behind the walls and equips the operating rooms with the most advanced materials with features antibacterial

Grupsa, also, has presented its Hospital System line for critical and clean areas, such as operating rooms, intensive and isolated, clean rooms … which includes Hermetic and Hygienic Doors, ICU Boxes, bmaterials passabox and patients transfer, solutions for the radiological area…

Grupsa Peru has a long history in the country, being present in the latest hospital construction and reforms in recent years: National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN); the hospitals of Tingo María, Tocache, Alberto Sabogal Sologuren (Lima), Daniel Alcides Carrión (Lima), Bellavista (Lima), Cayetano Heredia (Lima); and clinics of Stella Maris (Lima), El Golf (Lima), Padre Luis Tezza (Lima) and Sannens (Lima), among others.