Grupsa opens a new delegation in Andalusia

  • Based in Malaga, it will cover the Andalusian region, as well as Ceuta and Melilla.
  • Grupsa is committed to strengthening its activity in Andalusia, after increasing its portfolio of automatic door systems in important facilities, mainly in the hospital sector.

Grupsa, a manufacturer of automatic door systems for hospitals, hotels, corporate headquarters, airports and transport, announces the opening of its delegation in Andalusia, based in Malaga. The new technical and commercial team will attend to the requests of current and future clients, offering solutions and assistance to new architecture projects, through a complete documentation of all the products of the Grupsa portfolio in BIM format.

The objective of the new Grupsa-Andalucía delegation is to respond to the development needs and adaptation to current regulations of the Andalusian market. After a notable growth in recent years, Grupsa has manufactured and supplied hermetic door systems, automatic doors for Intensive Care Units, revolving doors, circular doors, etc., in some of the most important works carried out, mainly within the hospital sector. where the following reference facilities are highlighted: Regional Hospital of Ronda (Málaga), Vithas Internacional Hospital (Málaga) Hospital la Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz), CHARE (Cazorla), CARE (Córdoba), Hospital Punta de Europa (Algeciras) , Medical-Surgical Hospital (Jaén), Virgen de Valme University Hospital (Seville), Virgen de las Nieves General Hospital (Granada), San Juan de la Cruz Hospital (Úbeda), Puerto Real University Hospital (Cádiz), Sanitas Clinic ( Seville). Juan Ramon Jiménez Hospital (Huelva), IVI Clinic (Seville) and the future Melilla University Hospital, under execution

Grupsa-Andalucía also has exclusive highly qualified service and maintenance teams, to give an immediate and personalized response to the demanding needs of the automatic door sector in general and of public buildings in particular, which have seen their assistance networks increased due to the COVID-19.

In a continuous improvement and in the middle of the digital transformation stage, Grupsa promotes the growth and training of its commercial and maintenance human teams, to provide a quality service, through proximity and proximity with the local technical departments of architecture and engineering, as well as with all clients who require products manufactured in Spain, under the most advanced European regulations in terms of safety, sustainability and efficiency.