Grupsa launches its new operator GSRD-05 for Automatic Revolving Doors

Your new device incorporates a new design that reduces maintenance costs, as well as a new intelligent control screen and easy to read.

GRUPSA, a manufacturer of automatic accesses, launches its new operator GSRD-05 for Revolving Doors, the fifth generation of the original model launched in the year 2000. Among the main advantages of the new operator, operation is optimized to offer smoother operations and sensitive, safety for users is improved and the cost of maintenance is reduced due to the lack of mechanical elements.

In accordance with the company's environmental commitments, Grupsa's new operator GSRD-05 reduces electricity consumption compared to its previous model, and a new VFC ECO energy saving function is incorporated. Its new intelligent touch control screen incorporates features for daily management and an alert system for rapid fault recognition, thanks to its easy reading and programming.

The new operator is designed for installation in considerably shorter times and to lengthen the time between maintenance shutdowns. Its price is reduced to equip the market with this new generation of smarter, more compact and durable revolving door operators.

The new GSRD-05 operator is now available for GRUPSA's wide range of revolving doors: RS-100; RS-Color, RS-Sky and RS-Krystal, which improve their features to offer comfortable and safe steps for users and improvements in design and maintenance costs for the installation.