Grupsa Global. The new brand of Grupsa Door Systems.

Grupsa Door Systems following its line of brand evolution and Strategic Plan 2020-2024 selects Tormadoor, for the launch of ‘GRUPSA GLOBAL’ that takes over as the brand of the technological company in door systems to face the new challenges of the Special Technical Doors market.

Focused on innovation, simplicity, digitalization and globality, GRUPSA GLOBAL is also the new international brand, for all those countries where the company is present. Through its range of Door Systems, both manual and automatic, and equipment for Modular Operating Rooms, ICUs, Insulated Rooms, Laboratories, Hermetic Systems for room pressure control, Observation Windows. Guillotines with protection for Radiology, as well as Revolving Doors, Swing Doors, 180° Pivot Doors, in a wide variety of metal finishes, wood, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, HPL, with safety glass and thermo lacquered, power the transformation of industrial and commercial activity in a global environment increasingly demanding.

Aware that the world is changing, that markets, technology and especially people are in continuous evolution, we as a company can only respond to these challenges, respecting the heritage of our 53 years in the market. With GRUPSA GLOBAL, we want to build a new international brand, adapted to all global markets, where we already have a presence and where we will have it in the future. Today we accept the challenge of facing new commitments, to be closer to our customers wherever they are and to bet on offering simple, straightforward and environmentally friendly solutions.

One of the objectives of this change is the global and transforming impulse of the new name GRUPSA GLOBAL, which will go hand in hand with the deployment of the new Strategic Plan and will lay the foundations to consolidate the company as one of the leading companies in the international technology sector of automatic door systems. GRUPSA GLOBAL will be present in different environments as GRG.

We are committed to the simplification of processes, especially those that directly impact our customers, we seek to promote potential interactions and accessibility to the world of technology, in door systems designed to connect people in, Hospitals, Airports, Hotels, Museums, Railway Stations, Maritime and Bus, BRT-Bus, PSD-Metro, Corporate and Administrative Buildings, Convention Centers, Universities, etc.

GRUPSA GLOBAL does not start from scratch. Recognized for being a company that is close and committed to its collaborators and clients, from now on it will be even more so, making the work of professionals in the sector easier, thanks to technology. It will be simpler, more digital and eager to be more agile in responding to the needs of prescribers, employees and customers.

GRUPSA GLOBAL is the international brand for Automatic Access that connect people.

Now GRUPSA GLOBAL takes over and replaces Tormadoor.