Grupsa, at the Bar Llan University in Israel

The Bar Llan University in Ramat Gan is the second most important university in Israel, being an international biomedical and technological research. Grupsa Israel is present in the new accesses made at the University, which has expanded its facilities to increase its capacity of students and teaching professionals.

The option has been an Automatic Revolving Door RS-Color of 3 door leaves to allow the maximum comfort of acoustic and environmental insulation while ensuring the volume of people transit required by the installation. Due to its versatility and lack of a central axis, it adapts naturally to the glazed façade, maintaining the criteria of natural light passing through to the spacious interior.

Silent and ergonomic, the automatic operator GS-RD03 Operator optimizes the operation of the Revolving Door with smooth and silent turning, improved safety for users and a low maintenance cost. In accordance with Grupsa's environmental commitments, the operator GSRD-03 has a reduced energy consumption to decrease the carbon footprint, in line with the principles of the Bar Llan University, which has followed the development of almost zero consumption buildings (nZEB).

Grupsa manufactures in Spain its range of Rotary System Revolving Doors under European regulations with CE marking of the door as a whole, both in manual and automatic versions for all types of buildings and accesses. Due to having its own manufacture, the range has wide possibilities of personalized designs and always with the guarantee of safety for users, meeting the strictest European regulations, in all markets where the company has a presence.