Grupsa acquires the Enebro company for its new Kompak System product line

Grupsa has recently signed the acquisition of 100% of the company Enebro, a company dedicated to the manufacture of wooden doors. This transaction is part of Grupsa’s strategy to integrate a new line of technical doors in HPL into its portfolio, which with the name of Kompak System will strengthen its position in the growing segment of the hospital market, by implementing integrated solutions that will add even more value to the clients.

The acquisition of Enebro, which Grupsa has been forging over a period of more than a year, brings with it products and solutions to better meet the current and future needs of our clients.

Together with Grupsa’s experience, the organization is strengthened in an efficient way, since it will allow to increase the competitiveness of its total product portfolio and the existing international commercial coverage, through its subsidiaries and distributors, to better serve its customers and take advantage of market growth.

With this process, Grupsa is committed to providing products that will be extremely useful in the expansion process and will be key to its success and stability in the future.