Grupsa, a company committed to environmental sustainability

The constant advance of climate change and the necessary use of the planet’s limited resources in a sustainable way requires decisive actions from the business sector. Grupsa, with more than fifty years in the automatic door production sector, is committed to the environmental balance of its industrial processes, making the use of resources and energy more efficient to reduce the ecological impact. Our concern for planning and managing manufacturing activities, making proper use of the water and energy required, as well as the proper destruction of waste, we always try to adhere to the principles that govern this philosophy that is part of the European Strategy for Sustainability

Grupsa’s ISO 14001: 2015 certification guarantees that environmental management processes are applied in accordance with the standard. The company and the people who make it up in the different departments are committed to complying with preventive measures and environmental resilience, with a firm commitment to identifying negative impacts and their actions to continuously reduce them. The company AENOR certifies that Grupsa’s environmental management is in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard after observing factors such as waste management, energy consumption, environmental improvement programs or the training and awareness of its professionals.

In addition, within its digital implementation project called Strategy 20.24, the company intends to identify the environmental aspects of its activities that it can control and influence within its scope of action; determining those that have a significant impact on the environment; setting objectives and implementing specific goals for each of the company’s departments: reducing the use of paper and cardboard, promoting recycling and taking advantage of technological systems for better communication with customers without transfers.

Grupsa has the support and active involvement of all company workers, assuming the challenge of continuously maintaining and updating this Environmental Management System, with the aim that daily activity is carried out in a sustainable way as a commitment of our contribution to the social environment.