Grupsa installs its ICU access systems at The Panama Clinic

Grupsa Panama has participated in the recently built The Panama Clinic (TPC), one of the most important recent hospital facilities in health services in the Central American and Caribbean region located in Panama City. The clinic is a 29-story building containing a total of 88 rooms covering different specialties, within the Pacific Center multifunctional complex, a project with more than 200,000 m2.

This hospital, operated by state-of-the-art medical equipment, which aims to be a leader in the region, has incorporated an access solution for its Intensive Care area manufactured by Grupsa to prevent the spread of pathogens and improve patient isolation.

The access doors to the critical units have been designed according to the highest quality standards in critical environments to maintain hygiene and cleanliness conditions that ensure optimal environmental control between patients and healthcare personnel.

The system allows the incorporation of additional elements that guarantee the privacy of the patient while the health staff in charge of the unit can monitor the situation of the patient and his or her evolution in a comfortable and silent environment. Grupsa’s doors for ICU Model HS-550 with double glazing achieve a sound insulation of 38 dB.