The present Legal Warning establishes the general information that the service providers of the information society are obliged to make available to consumers and users, by imperative of the Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11th July, of services of the information society and electronic commerce. In consequence, the following extremes are reported:

  1. THE TRADING COMPANIES OF THE BRAND GRUPSA (ROMAYO, S.A, TORMADOOR, S.L, SERVIGROUP KIRA, S.L y GRUPO METAL SYSTEM, S.A, onwards, the Organization, is a group of companies which is aimed the sale, design, production, installation and maintenance of doors systems.
  2. The Internet domain com is property ofTORMADOOR, S.L (Responsible for the Treatment), having its address for the exercise of the rights in Ctra. M – 404, Km. 20, 28971 Griñón (Madrid). ROMAYO, S.A, SERVIGROUP KIRA, S.L and GRUPO METAL SYSTEM, S.A is in charge of the treatment of the Responsible.
  3. The CIF of TORMADOOR, S.L, ROMAYO, S.A, SERVIGROUP KIRA, S.L and GRUPO METAL SYSTEM, S.A are B82635905, A81585382, B83551200 and A78558897, respectively.


The access to the website  gives the condition user and it implies the complete acceptance and without reservations by the same of each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Warning.

The content of the current Legal Warning can be modified, so its acceptance by the user will be according to the Legal Warning published by the Organization on the moment that the user enters the Website. So, each time the user enters the Website, he should read carefully the present Legal Warning.

Likewise, the access to this Website is subjected to all the warnings, use conditions and instructions made known to the user by the Organization that replace, complete and/or modify the present Legal Warning.


The user agrees to make use of the services, products and utilities offered by the Organization through this Website in accordance with the law, this Legal Warning and other warnings and instructions made known, as well as morality and generally accepted good customs and public order.

Generally, the access to the information and utilities of this Website does not demand a previous subscription or user registry. Notwithstanding the above the access to some of the services or products offered through the Website can be conditioned to the previous fill in of the subscription or registry form.

To these effects, the user guarantees the authenticity and truthfulness of all those personal data that he communicates when filling the subscription or register form and/or the use of the e-mail address The user is committed and responsible to keep all the information given in such way so that it responds, at every moment, to its current situation. The treatment of the personal data given by the user will be done by the Organization in accordance with the Privacy Policy contained in this Website.


All the brands, commercial names, distinctive signals, services, contents and information of any type that are shown in this Website are property of the Organization, so they cannot be reproduced, distributed, publicly communicated, transformed or modified without previous authorization of this Organization. By contents of this Website we understand, without this list having a limiting character, texts, photographs, graphics, images, software, links and other audiovisual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and source codes.

The user will abstain of obtaining the contents using for it media or procedures different from the ones, depending on the cases, have been provided or, generally, the ones used normally on Internet whenever, this last ones, do not mean a risk or damage or useless of the Website and/or its contents.

The possible references done on the Website of the Organization to any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the brand, commercial name or manufacturer or supplier, etc., which are owned by third parties does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by the Organization.



  1. Contents:

The data, texts, information, images or sounds published on this Website are shown with merely informative effects for all those people interested in them, without its access generating commercial, contractual or professional relationship between the users and the Organization. In case of discrepancy between the information contained on this Website and the one written on paper, the latter will prevail. The user is warned that before taking any action derived from the content of the Website; proceed to verify the information obtained by contacting the Organization by sending a letter to the address indicated in point 2 associated with the 1st. paragraph.

  1. Availability and continuity:

The Organization excludes, on all the extension allowed by our legal system, any responsibility for the damages and prejudices of all kinds caused by the the lack of availability or continuity of access to the Website and its services. The access to the information and services that are given by this Website has, at first, an indefinite duration. However, the Organization may terminate or suspend access to its Website at any time.

  1. Viruses and malicious codes:

The Organization excludes, with all the extension allowed by our legal system, any responsibility for the damages and prejudices of all kinds due to the presence of viruses and malicious codes in the contents which may cause any kind of damage on the computer system, electronic documents or the user files.

  1. Linking:

The Organization excludes, with all the extension allowed by our legal system, any responsibility for the damages and prejudices of all kinds caused to the users by the use of technical devices of links, directories and searching tools, that enable the user to enter Websites owned and / or managed by third parties

  1. Illicit use:

The Organization will not be responsible for the breach of any applicable regulation that may be incurred the user when entering the Website and/or the use of the information contained in it. Also will not be responsible for the illicit use that third parties may do of the commercial names, brands or other distinctive signs that, not being property of the Organization, are shown on the Website.


To contact through this Website, the corresponding personal data form or the subscription or registration form must be completed or you must use the email account . The Organization will treat these personal data in strict accordance with its privacy policy, contained in this website.


The Organization keeps active the campaigns for the development of its activity. All the campaigns done online or in another kind of media are headed to this Website.


All the notifications or communications done by the users to the Organization are considered efficient, to all effects, when they are addressed to the Organization on any of the following ways:

On the same way, all notifications done by the Organization to the user are considered efficient, to all effects, when they are done on any of the following ways:

  • By post to the address that the user has previously informed the Organization.
  • By a phone call to the number that the user has previously informed the Organization.
  • By sending an e-mail to the address that the user has previously informed the organization.

Accordingly, so that these notifications can be carried out, it is necessary that the user states that the data given are correct and actual, promising to notify any modification thereof.


The applicable Legislation to the current Legal Warning will be the Spanish law and the competent jurisdiction to know of any demands that this Website arouses will be that of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.