In those establishments or properties, such as hotels or shopping centers, which require a high traffic of people, revolving doors are a solution that allows fluid access for users, guaranteeing their safety and enhancing energy efficiency and building sustainability.

Revolving Doorshave mechanisms such as the Night Locking so that, when properties are closed, access to the building are blocked. The mechanism allows to seal the entrance during the night or after the closing of the activity, thanks to a leaf door that adapts of sure form to the step space, preventing its access.

The Grupsa Revolving Doors are prepared, thanks to its night closing, for establishments with opening hours and closing periods. In automatic and manual version, revolving doors allow diameters between 1800 to 4000 mm and heights of 2200 mm to 4000 mm. Thanks to its door leaves folding system, allows a high evacuation of users in case of emergency. Tested and certified complying with the strictest Spanish and European regulations.

Grupsa’s product portfolio includes seven models of revolving doors, as well as access systems for operating rooms, ICUs and hospitals, curved sliding doors or automatic doors and systems for evacuation routes; as well as an optimal maintenance service with 100% trained professionals at your service.


  • Teatro Real (Madrid, Spain)
  • Hotel Puerta América (Madrid, Spain)
  • Headquarters Real Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
  • Hotel Best Western Marina Las Condes (Santiago de Chile)
  • Hotel Hilton (Bogotá, Colombia)
  • Hotel JW Marriot (Lima, Peru)
  • Hotel Sheraton (Guayaquil, Equator)