Grupsa, Door Systems, launches its new catalog of the range Hospital System, composed of hermetic and hygienic doors for operating theaters, clean rooms and laboratories; paneling in Stainless Steel, HPL and glass for operating rooms and sterile paraments; and hospital equipment for clean areas.

The new portfolio of the presented brand includes the technical improvements of the products that Grupsa has been developing in recent years, both in safety, ergonomics and design; new opening and activation accessories, and new solutions for ICU and airlock systems with pressure differentials.

Likewise, it incorporates a complete range of products, together with the hygienic and hermetic door systems for hospitals: transfers for the passage of patients between the dirty and clean area, HS-600; passbox HS-Q4 for the passage of  materials; hygienic cabinets HS-Q2; and the automatic systems for Gantry sliding CT for the shared use in two operating rooms  with this radiological equipment.