Modular Wall Panelling Systems by Grupsa are the complete solution for hybrid operating rooms, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms or research centers. In these installations, where infections preventions conditions are required, PS-SS modular panel systems offer a high resistance, durability as well as an exigent antibacterial characteristic to comply on with these needs; creating the perfect insulation for OT to keep up the hermeticity demanded.

Grupsa modular panels are designed with a thickness of 20 mm, with an 18 mm board enclosed on all its inner surface, what adds it a better rigidity. The standard dimensions of the PS-SS models are 1200 mm wide and 3960 mm high (and 100 mm skirting board); although custom designs would also be possible. Its self-supporting structure allows the panel one face or double face installation.

The Modular Wall Panelling Systems for OT by Grupsa enable a quick installation time, equipping easy-to-clean surfaces to operating rooms and thanks to its compact design are removable independently, to allow new installations and its maintenance and to make easy its integration with interactive technological media and control supports (lightning management, screens, medicinal gases, communications, power supplies..). GRUPSA ensures the complete implementation of the projects, since its professionals manage all the stages such as design, manufacture, installation, and even, maintenance.

The modular, prefabricated and flexible design will provide your operating room or clean area of a system with all the technological and health equipments, and an easier integration of GRUPSA Hermetic Doors or other hospital facilities (patient transfers, material passbox…). Available materials in Stainless Steel, Antibacterial High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and glass panels with hidden profiles and color and/or serigraphy.

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