The end of year 2020 is the deadline to entry into force of European Directive for new building to reduce energy consumption levels in two periods: 2018 in Public Administration, and 2020, for the private initiative. This act establishes in the next four years all the new constructions will be built according to environment principles: makes an efficient, prudent, rational and sustainable utilization of energy applies.

The new European Directive, 2010/31/UE, must be transposed in each of the Member States, introducing the meaning of “nearly Zero-Energy Building” (nZEB): constructions highly efficient, with low energy demand and providing of nearly renewable alternatives.  While the Nordic Countries have taken first actions already, Spain will adopt theirs in 2017, finding out better regulations to push these initiatives from Public Administrations.

During this process, architects will be an essential role, since the transition to this new planning model will carry adaptations to improve the consumption efficiency: water heating, lighting, ventilation, but mainly, cooling and heating systems.

An accurate choice, during project planning, of Automatic Doors Systems will optimize the efficiency of cooling and heating systems. Rotary Automatic Doors Systems will get better the efficiency of your building: its energy saving will be higher than a sliding or swing door since you could save until 70% of costs for climate control.

Grupsa designs and manufactures its wide range of product with high qualities will help to reduce the energy consumption of your buildings. Its expert group of professionals of Technical Office will seek the better environmental path to cut costs power down at a time your project fits correctly of new European Standards.

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