During October 10th, 11th and 12th, Grupsa has participated in the III Healthcare Infraestructure Congress of Latam Salud in Lima (Peru). Promoted by the HC Group consortium, of which Grupsa is part, aims to promote and disseminate experiences in health policies in the Americas. Among the attendees, the heads of the Ministry of Health of Peru, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia are expected.

Grupsa aims to support the dissemination of knowledge of Healthcare Infraestructure within its design and manufacturing experience of sanitary and hygienic doors in clean environments. Among others, he has participated in the recent Hospital Projects of Latin America, such as the Tocache Hospital, the Cayetano Heredia Hospital and the Alcides Carrión Hospital in Peru; the Ciudad Hospitalaria of Panama, the El Niño Hospital in Ecuador; the Ovalle and Antofagasta hospitals in Chile; and the hospitals of HIC Bucaramanga and San Vicente de Paul, in Colombia.