Grupsa, “Automatic Doors Systems”, has developed and designed Gruscada control and remote communication system especially to facilitate use and display the status of automatic doors and components in APG/PSD installations.

Gruscada monitors the doors status which platforms are composed and the situation of peripherical elements of security, like traffic lights, sensor bus positions, emergency push button, maintenance alarms… Its security sensors identifies the mobile terminal speed, that if the vehicle circulates faster than appropriate or does not stop, the automatic doors opening will not be enabled.

Gruscada Management System allows operating all doors which any station is formed from the station itself and/or from the control office remotely. So this way, it could perform the emergency openings in case of accidents, powers failures, damages… guaranteeing pedestrians safety; thank to log history, optimize timeliness of vehicles and their synchronization with the platforms. Also, it is a modular system totally personalized; such as it could fit to integration and control requirements your project requires them.

All our APG (Automatic Platform Gates) or PSD (Platforms Screen Doors) projects for metro, bus (BRT), train, tram… could be equipped Gruscada management system; thank to it, you will be able to monitor all information continuously and in real time.

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