The operators for sliding doors, telescopic doors, swing doors, revolving doors and hospital doors systems are designed and manufactured by Grupsa according to the most exigente international quality standards. Within these standards the design charges a notable role, not limited to the product aesthetics exclusively, but encompassed relevantes aspects such as funcionality regarding to its own technical characteristics which make Grupsa operators a good choice for its durability, the latest technology, the energy efficiency, the universality which allows its adaptation to the solutions of the most demanding projects, both for new construction and for rehabilitation and refurbishment. Its versatility enables its integration on hygienic and/or hermetic doors systems Hospital System for hospital applications, curved doors and screen for massive transportation systems. In our opinion the choice of the most appropiate automation system is closeky linked to the characteristics of the door and its application within the environmente and type of users. Grupsa meets the requirements of EN 16005 in force since April 2016 in Europe and that deals with the physical safety of users of automatic pedestrian doors, reducing risk factors, with special attention on the doors in escape routes and emergency exits. Special mention is Grupsa maintenance service that ensures the correct operation of the door throughout the life cycle through the different types of preventive and corrective maintenance. The motors of automatic doors where the normative requires 1 million cycles in emergency exits, have been submitted in the case of Grupsa a test of 10 million certificates, which can offer a motor with 7 years warranty on all models of sliding doors. The operator AG90/200 and the operator AG90/260T by Grupsa for sliding and telescopic doors are the suitable operators for each type of application in pedestrian entrances up to a weight of 300 Kg. The universal operator dor its versatility adapts to the most demanding architectural solutions in both new construction and rehabilitation. They are operators with easy installation and adjustable since the first maneuver. For high dimensions and/or special weights automatic doors Grupsa has the operators AG90W/200 up to a weight of 400 Kgs. The operator AG90/200 is specially indicated for automatic doors installer, glaziers and locksmiths for its easy installation, in new construction or refurbishment, at a competitive price and with the option of integration with elements of other manufacturers with the adaptation kit. The operator AG90/90 with a height of 90 mm is suitable for all kind of sliding doors up to a weight of 120 Kgs and available also for escape routes in its version AG90/90 ER with a level «d» of performance certified according to Standard EN 13849. The operator AGB for swing doors enables automation of all kind of swing doors, new or existing, adapting to the different designs and materials of the refurbishment. The operators GRUPSA for swing doors facilitate the opening and closing of a door makin easier the entrance of disabled people, the elderly or in work centers where a safe and reliable access is required. They are characterized by their easy installation and quick pass frequency. Contact: