Hospital swing doors installed at corridors and hallways with swing door operator AGB-85.1 by Grupsa enable medical staff, hospital beds and patients with reduced mobility to access in an easy and safe way to different sectors in the hospital. The drive unit is connected to the door leaf through a pushing or pulling arm system. AGB-85.1 is a versatile operator that can be installed on glass doors of the range Manual System with reduced profiles, full glass and on heavy duty doors. Hermetic swing doors equipped with automatic operation form the Hospital System range model HS-202 and model HS-402 can be installed at dirty area of operation theatre rooms. The pressure difference between corridors or rooms can be controlled in a more efficient way inside and outside of sterile area. Anti-radiation swing doors with lead protection among 1 to 3 mm thick and door weight bigger than 100 kgs can integrate AGB-85.1 that assists the door handling and provides an easy universal access. The operator can be easily installed AGB-85.1 in new construction hospital doors, existing doors and refurbishment. GrupsaÍs activation systems for swing doors allow the combination of push buttons, proximity sensor, access control, and connection to BMS, alarm systems and fire building protection.