Grupsa participates in the project developed by the Sevillian architects Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz. Based in Sevilla their Architecture Studio is recognized for the outstanding quality of their architectural work, the architects have recently been awarded the Gold Medal of Architecture 2014 , making public their remarkable contribution in projects such as the Santa Justa railway station in Seville, remodelation and expansion of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the current work being carried out at the Medicine and Health Campus of Granada city. In line with the construction of efficient and sustainable buildings , Grupsa automatic revolving doors have been installed at the main entrance of the School of Medicine. Characterized by its flexibility and lightness Grupsa Rotary System range suits every need, allowing a high flow of people while minimizing air leakage and ensures thermal and acoustic insulation . Under the supervision and design of architects, the RS-Color doors have been installed in the new building. The model underwent adaptations to integrate into the wide spaces between the concrete canopy and thick walls of the facade. In the Health Technological Park of Granada (Health Campus) have been installed manual doors hinged and pivoting of Grupsa Manual System range. The doors, which are designed on the MS-615 model , with rounded edges profiles and a density of 50 Kg / m3, bring the simplicity and robustness of the projects feature of this Architecture Studio. Made of high strength materials, quality steel DIN 17612, fittings and high quality stainless steel , manual models allow Grupsa withstand multiple opening and closing public access to the building, avoiding bumps and scratches. Grupsa had collaborated in the past with Cruz and Ortiz Study, in unique works as the rehabilitation of the Provincial Public Library Infanta Elena in Sevilla, where RS-100 rotary doors were installed in 2000. Today the doors are maintained by the helpdesk Servigroup that updates and assists technically, under current requirements, the installations of Grupsa products range. Image: School of Medicine , Granada, Spain Contact: