GRUPSA, manufacturer of industrial doors in international expansion has recently appointed Luis Miguel Perez Responsible of Standardization and Development. Luis Miguel Pérez became part of the GRUPSA staff at the end of 1993. At that time he joined the Department of Technical Office with the main function of writing all documentation of brand products. Responsible of the Technical Office Department he performs the tasks of documenting the works in progress and specializes in the fulfilment of Singular Projects, such as Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, T-4 of the new airport of Madrid, Exhibition Site Juan Carlos I, OÍDonnell Maternity, Sanitas Building in Madrid, Ventas Bridge in Madrid, Santander East Market, Aragón Government Seat, Espacio Tower in Madrid, Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao, Pelli Tower in Sevilla or Amanha Museum of Brasil. He has also extensively participated in tasks of I+D+i for the development of new products and the updating of the existing ones, management of technical documents. This appointment, in his own words, it was a personal challenge for me by my short experience in that moment, looking back, I can say that it has also been a satisfaction for having seen on firsthand many of the works and most important architects of Spanish construction. The Responsible of Standards and Testing of Grupsa assumes the commitment to know the current regulations applicable to the products of the brand, as well as its representation in the workgroups regarding to national and international standards. Luis Miguel Perez faces this new stage of his career with great enthusiasm and sums up, in his own words, his past and future career: » Given my background, my continuous training, product knowledge and knowledge of the standards I think I can contribute my technical guidance to the excellence of the products and my client guidance as to compliance with the maximum safety conditions for users «. Image: Luis Miguel Pérez, Responsible of Standardization and Development Contact: