GRUPSA, “Automatic Door Systems”, has installed the revolving door in the main access to historic Café Comercial, sited in central Bilbao Square (city of Madrid, Spain). The installed  model is the RS-100 system of the range Rotary System, with automatic operation, in the same line of the long-lived building style.

Thanks to integrated door leaves folding system (breakout), the Café Comercial has a device that it will open the door to evacuate clients in case of emergency or fire. Also its ergonomics prevents the direct entrance of air, optimizing the conditioning system, grabbing maximum usable space and avoiding excessive noise coming from outside. The installation complies with the Standard EN 16005, which ensures a better safety to pedestrians.

The historic Café Comercial was reopened this spring after almost two years temporally closed. This has implied an inner reform maintaining traditional aesthetic. The Faculty Management wanted to incorporate in its access the model RS-100 by GRUPSA, which thanks to Versatility and Finishes Range, the historical installation has kept up its authenticity.

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