Screen System is the range of Systems of Automatic Door, APG ((Automatic Platform Gates) and PSD (Platform Screen Doors), for Massive Transport Stations: bus (BRT, Bus Rapid Transit), underground/tube, tram and train.

Glazed screens which divide the platform from the railway tracks, opening only when the vehicle is correctly positioned. By this way an efficient, fast and safe use is guaranteed on underground stations, tram or bus, preventing falls and outrages. They can be manufactured in different materials and enable the integration of labels or corporate screenprinting.

Its control and monitoring system GRUSCADA enables the remote management and on real time the openings, the status and the maintenance needs of all the doors.


grupsa notice

Door operators AG-90, AG-150 and AG-150T change the trade name to AG90/90, AG90/200, AG90/260T only and exclusively by commercial reasons, maintaining identical technical specifications and functions.