Hospital System is the range of Grupsa of Hygienic and Hermetic Hospital Doors specially designed to ensure the hygiene and disinfection conditions of the surgical wing, ICUS, clean rooms and critical areas of the hospital. Our technical doors are characterized by its easy cleaning and reduced maintenance.

Hospital System door systems include sliding, swing and pivoting doors, hygienic and hermetic version; available with the leaded protection for radiology and tomography rooms; door systems for Intensive Care Units (ICUS), and equipment for the surgical area: sash windows and passbox for safe passage of material, observation windows and patient transfers. We also have Modular Panels Systems for Operating Rooms and Surgical Areas.

All our models are certified by the most demanding European regulations. Our hermetic hospital doors have the Hermeticity Certificate Class 4 according to EN 12207, which ensures an hermetic closure, enabling improved control over the pressure differential between the interior and exterior of the operating room or surgical area.

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Door operators AG-90, AG-150 and AG-150T change the trade name to AG90/90, AG90/200, AG90/260T only and exclusively by commercial reasons, maintaining identical technical specifications and functions.