The range of Curved Sliding Doors, Circular System, consists of fixed and mobile panel that, due to their configuration, form very attractive enclosures for main accesses of buildings. It is an intermediate solution between the automatic sliding doors and the revolving doors, when the front of the building is curved or you want to shape the entrance of the installation in an elegant way.

The Curved Sliding Doors CS-800 can be manufactured under any specific configuration and in different surface finishes, acting as an effective airlock system when extended with lateral fixed panels in ellipsoidal formation. The safety for pedestrian traffic is guaranteed by the control system of its operator whose processor interacts with other vertical detection and safety components, tested according to EN 16005 standard.


grupsa notice

Door operators AG-90, AG-150 and AG-150T change the trade name to AG90/90, AG90/200, AG90/260T only and exclusively by commercial reasons, maintaining identical technical specifications and functions.