Transport stations:airports, bus stations, metro stations, train stations, heliports

There are different alternatives for main accesses according to the dimension of the building, to the availability of secondary accesses and to the public transit-flow for which Grupsa recommends the following products:

  • AS-400 and AS-600 Automatic Sliding Doors which are commonly installed in those buildings where there is no need of a very strict climate control and where a fluid passage is sought. In case you need a stricter climate control we advise to install the door in a breakwind location. These doors have also an integrated antipanic system for evacuation in case of emergency and strong profiles that guarantee a better behaviour against knocks.
  • Revolving doors Rotary System in manual and automatic version, 2, 3 or 4 leaves are great energy savers. They are suitable for buildings with a high level of transit-flow as they are to reach a more organized, fluid and safe transit and to increase the evacuation area through their antipanic system. 
    For this type of building we advise our model RS-2HC which is manufactured just in the automatic version with 2 leaves. It includes an integrated antipanic system for leaves folding and a glazed night closing on each leaf as well as every additional safety element for the user. It is perfect when the needs of transit, safety and comfortability of the user are vital as it gives the maximum spaciousness in each segment perfect for the users who carry luggages or trolleys.

For interior areas we advise 3 products with several functions:

  • MS-400 and MS-600 Manual doors for interior areas division in all those buildings with plenty of transit of people who may knock the doors with their trolleys or luggages.
  • MS-150 Movable glass partitions to subdivide different areas with very specific different purposes: restaurants and exhibition halls as they can be open through a simple performance at the working hours leaving a spacious hall free of obstacles, and closed at non-working hours letting you see the interior products.
  • Toilet cubicles Sanitary System because of their high resistance and anti-hooliganism features, their easy cleaning and graffiti removal, allow for their installation in places with high level of public transit-flow and an intensive use.