Sports complex, football stadium…

For main accesses Grupsa recommends:

  • AS-400 and AS-600 Sliding doors for buildings where a fluid passage of people and safety against possible emergencies is sought thanks to their robust profiles and their integral anti panic system of leaves and fixed panels folding.
  • Rotary System Revolving Doors both manual and automatic version of 2, 3 or 4 leaves make the entrance building fancy and smart. They entitle a huge energy saving and are suitable for buildings with a considerable affluence as they are useful to make the passage organized, fluid and saved as well as to extend the evacuation area thanks to the antipanic system for leaves folding.
  • Manual Doors MS-400 or MS-600 highly resistant to shock and very easy to use because of their both directions opening. In these kind of buildings can incorporate a door closer with hold opening to keep the door 90 degrees opened if wished.