Auditoriums, leisure centres, libraries, theatres, museums, exhibition centres…

For main accesses Grupsa recommends several options according to features like dimensions of the building, secondary accesses, transit-flow and main purpose of the buildings:

  • Circular System curved sliding doors, they are greatly attractive to stand out the main accesses. It is an intermediate solution between the straight automatic sliding doors and the revolving doors that allows a bigger interior room for the people passage like the straight sliding doors but keeps the revolving doors aesthetic.
  • Rotary System revolving doors that are manufactured in manual and automatic version with 2, 3 or 4 leaves which means a great energy saving and are suitable for the main access of buildings with a high level of transit, making it more organized, fluid and safe and increasing the evacuation area through the folding of leaves system.

For interior areas Grupsa recommends:

  • Manual doors model MS-300, MS-400 and MS-600 are suitable for division of interior areas with door closer with or with no hold to keep the doors opened or closed depending on the specific needs of each building and time.
  • MS-150 Movable glass partitions are appropriate for exhibition rooms, galleries or museums to divide different restaurants or exhibitions areas and for meetings and conferences rooms to adjust the space of the room to the number of attendants.
  • Sanitary System Toilet cubicles because of their high resistance and anti-hooliganism features, their easy cleaning and graffiti removal, allow for their installation in places with high level of public transit-flow and an intensive use.

Public buildings: post, treasury, courts, law courts, city councils, congress palaces…

For their main entrances there are different options depending on building characteristics: size, side entrances, transit of people and functions.

  • The Revolving doors Rotary System manual and automatic version, 2, 3 or 4 leaves bring elegance to the buildings, represent a great energy saving and they are perfect for buildings with high affluence of people making it more orderly, fluid and saved and increasing the evacuation area thanks to the antipanic system for leaves folding.
  • AS-600 or AS-400 Automatic doors and Automatic curved doors CS-800provide fluid passage of people and they are perfect for places that do not require excessive climate control. Furthermore, models AS-400 and AS-AS-600 can incorporate an emergency anti panic system of leaves folding.

For the interior areas we recommend three products with different functionalities:

  • Manual Doors MS-600 and MS-400 to separate interior areas of all buildings with people affluence where it requires a robust door. In addition, the MS-300 model is perfect for spaces with a not so excessive traffic and where there are also elements that can step in knocking on doors. In this case the door has no vertical profiles so it is more delicate but adds elegance and transparency to the ranch.
  • The MS-150 Movable Glass Partitions are used in conference rooms and meeting spaces to adjust the room attending the event or leaving the access opened by stacking modules over a hidden parking.
  • The Toilet Cubicles Sanitary System because of their high strength, anti-vandalism character, easy cleaning and graffiti removal can be installed in places of great people affluence.