Sanitary centres, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, food warehouses…

For main accesses:

  • AS-400 and AS-600 Straight sliding doors are a basic option for buildings where there where a fluid passage is sought, stretchers or wheelchairs. It responds well to knocks and they can also include an integrated antipanic system for leaves folding in emergency cases.
  • RS-2HC automatic revolving door of 2 leaves make the building fancy and smart. It entitles a huge energy saving and are suitable for buildings with a considerable affluence as the are useful to make the passage fluid and sage as well as to extend the evacuation area thanks to the integrated antipanic system for leaves folding and to the interior spaciousness that allow for the passage of stretchers and wheelchairs.

For interior areas:

The Hospital System product range is specially designed for the needs of each type of building and respective rooms.

  • The Sliding Hermetic doors HS-201 have a design that ensures a hermetic enclosure allowing the pressure control. Typically used in Operating Rooms,Testing Laboratories and Research Centers.
  • The Hygienic sliding doors HS-221 non Hermetic of 1 or 2 leaves are recommended for areas where it is not necessary Great airtight. They are used in interior areas of operating rooms, treatment rooms and general queries.
  • The Manual Swing doors HS-202B are manufactured Hermetic and non hermetic version. They are usually installed in interior areas of surgery, and, as leaded, in interior areas of X-ray rooms, for example, in the control booth.
  • The Manual Pivoting doors HS-202P allows the opening in both directions in order to facilitate the transit in areas where the agility passage is vital and hands can not be used for hygienic reasons. They are usually installed in the interior of Hospitals and Laboratories: waiting rooms, toilets, and Surgical Preparation rooms.
  • Sash Window HS-Q1 is indicated to facilitate traffic of material between two rooms without any possibility of air exchange. Used for Surgical Material passage or dirty materials exit. They are available in leaded version for X-ray rooms usually installed in Operating Rooms.
  • Sterile Closets HS-Q2 are indicated for Surgical Material Exchange or between outside and inside the operating room without the possibility of air exchange due to its both sides opening system. They can be lead for X-ray rooms. They are usually installed in Operating Rooms.
  • Fixed windows HS-Q3 can be lead sealed for X-ray rooms. They are indicated for those rooms where it is needed to see inside as ICU, maternity wards, laboratory, surgery of University Hospitals.
  • Suture Shelves HS-Q4 are used for the placement of sterile material, so they are manufactured in stainless steel since the cleaning is a core value. They are usually located in the interior of operating rooms or treatment rooms.

All the products can include an optional flush window to facilitate the observation between rooms.

  • MS-400 and MS-600 manual doors for the division of interior areas of all those buildings with a considerable affluence and possibility of knoking, that can also incorporate an automatic operator for users convenience.
  • The toilet cubicles Sanitary System because of their high resistance and anti-hooliganism features, their easy cleaning even with abrasive products and graffiti removal, allow for their installation in places with high level of public transit-flow and an intensive use.