Civic and residential

For main accesses the most appropriate product is:

  • AS-400 or AS-600 Straight sliding doors specially designed for buildings where a large passageway is wished and the convenience of not needing to operate the doors manually, allowing users to take their hands in wheelchairs or other items. Besides the robust profiles of these models confer great resistance to blows. These models also have integral anti panic system of leaves folding in effect the evacuation.
  • If you want a unique design Curves Sliding System CS-800 can be installed as it provides High aesthetic appeal with very similar characteristics to the straight doors.

For separation of the interior areas Grupsa recommends:

  • Manual Doors MS-300, MS-400 or MS-600 that are a great option for buildings with great affluent as well as optional feature automation for the convenience of users.
  • Sanitary System toilet cubicles 100% made of stainless steel because of their easy cleaning even with abrasive agents, their robustness and good response against knocks.

Commercial and leisure

For the main accesses there are several alternatives according to building dimensions, secondary accesses, affluence and purpose:

  • AS-400 and AS-600 straight sliding doors are an optimal alternative for buildings where there no need of a very strict climate control and where a fluid passage of people is sought. They also include an antipanic system for leaves folding in order to extend the evacuation area in case of emergency.
  • Revolving doors Rotary System automatic version of 2, 3 or 4 leaves make the entrance building fancy and smart. They entitle a huge energy saving and are suitable for buildings with a considerable affluence as the are useful to make the passage organized, fluid and sage as well as to extend the evacuation area thanks to the integrated antipanic system for leaves folding. 
    For this type of building we advise our model RS-2HC which is manufactured just in the automatic version with 2 leaves. It includes an integrated antipanic system for leaves folding and a glazed night closing on each leaf as well as every additional safety element for the user. It is perfect when the needs of transit, safety and comfortability of the user are vital as it gives the maximum spaciousness in each segment perfect for the users who carry bags or trolleys.

These both possibilities allow the users to have their hands free in case they carry trolleys or bags. For interior areas:

  • MS-400 and MS-600 Manual doors for interior areas division in buildings with a considerable affluence. They are an optimal investment due to the robustness against trolleys knocks.
  • The MS-150 Movable glass partitions at shopping malls are to separate different areas like restaurants and/or exhibition halls, leaving the entire access free at opening hours and denying the access at closing hours but allowing to see through.
  • The toilet cubicles because of their high resistance and anti-hooliganism features, their easy cleaning and graffiti removal, allow for their installation in places with high level of public transit-flow and an intensive use.