Banks and ATMs

For main access the most popular products are:

Straight Sliding Doors AS-400 and AS-600, suitable for buildings where fluid passage is sought and there is no need of a very strict climate control, in case you need a stricter climate control we advise to install the door in a breakwind location. These doors have also an integrated antipanic system for evacuation in case of emergency and strong profiles that guarantee a better behaviour against knocks. They can incorporate large thicknesses security or bulletproof glazing and access control elements.

For interior areas we advise 2 products with different functions:

  • MS-400 or MS-600 manual doors to divide interior areas of those buildings or interior areas division in all those buildings with plenty of transit of people, where could be integrated security elements as access control or large thicknesses or bulletproof glazing.
  • MS-150 Movable Glass Partitions to separate different areas with specific uses, like closing the office to the outside allowing the use of cash in no time public attention: bank staff can continue working on the inside but the public could only access the teller area. The system can be opened with a simple maneuver in the public opening hours leaving the whole space free.

Schools, colleges, universities…

Automatic Sliding AS-600 are recomendadascomo Main Building Access when a full climate control is not required and is looking for a smooth and safe pedestrianpanic system due to its folding leaves in the direction of escape:

For interior areas:

  • MS-300 or MS-400 Manual Doors useful for separating different interiors of buildings with high pedestrian traffic.
  • MS-150 Movable Glass Partitions are used in conference and meeting rooms to adjust the space of the room to attend the event.
  • Toilet cubicles Sanitary System for its high strength, anti-vandalism character, easy cleaning and graffiti removal allows installation in crowded places.